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The rapid and large-scale utilization of Solar Energy will require an equal increase in technically qualified manpower of international standards.

Cybermotion has made outstanding contributions in the area of Alternate and Renewable energy sector by providing solutions in this unique area of power generation. Our unique advantage is in the area of providing comprehensive technical expertise for efficient system integration.

Technical Institutes all over the world act as change agents by providing various innovative solutions and also by setting up Centers for research to be undertaken. Solar hybrid Energy systems , Solar Pumping solutions and Solar training systems  offered by Cybermotion are a step in that direction.

 Institutes can set up  Centers where by  research scholars can take up  projects in the area of solar energy.The Solar Mission announced by Government of India will translate into demand for a large number of trained manpower. Hence there will be a huge demand for the engineers trained and working in the area of renewable energy irrespective of their core branch.

It is envisaged that at the end of Mission period, solar industry will employ at least 100,000 trained and specialized personnel across the skill spectrum. These will include engineering, management and R&D functions.

Specialized courses in Solar at B-Tech, M-Tech and PhD levels will have to be designed to meet the huge requirement of manpower at various levels. We could help Technical Institutes to set up Center of Excellence in the area of solar energy given our vast experience of working with Educational Institutes.

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